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Klay Thompson Trolls Stephen Curry's NBA Debut Outfit: "It Gives Me Peaky Blinders Vibes.”

Klay Thompson Trolls Stephen Curry's NBA Debut Outfit: "It Gives Me Peaky Blinders Vibes.”

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry have a good relationship both on and off the court. They have made history with the Golden State Warriors in the past decade, creating a deep bond in the Bay. 

The Splash Brothers are one of the best duos in the NBA for this season, and Warriors fans can't wait to see them together on the court as they torch rivals on a nightly basis. Unfortunately, Klay has missed the past two seasons after suffering severe injuries. However, fans are patiently waiting for him to make his return. 

Meanwhile, the shooting guard is trying to kill some time while he rehabs from a torn Achilles. Klay is spending time on his boat, sometimes getting angry at people, or just chilling, watching videos on social media. 

At least that's what he recently did when he trolled Stephen Curry's outfit for his first-ever NBA game. On Thursday, the Golden State Warriors shared a video of Steph's debut. The point guard used a suit with a hat that reminded Klay of one of the most iconic series in recent times. 

He shared the video on his Instagram stories, telling Curry he looked like a Peaky Blinder. 

“This fit gives me Peaky Blinders vibes," the 3x NBA champion wrote. 


In case you don't know, Peaky Blinders is a Netflix show about a street gang based in Birmingham, England, that operated at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. 

Even though the similarities are too big to ignore, it's impossible that Curry copied Tommy Shelby and his boys with this outfit. Steph debuted in 2009, while the series premiered in 2013. Perhaps he served as inspiration for their style, but that's unlikely, too. 

The Dubs Nation is waiting to see Klay make his return to action in December/January. When that happens, he and Curry will try to be as destructive as the Peaky Blinders were back in the day.