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Knicks Fans Go Wild, Chant "We Want Brooklyn" After Playoff Victory At MSG

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After years of torment, New York Knicks fans finally have something to cheer about.

After dropping Game 1 against Utah Atlanta Hawks, the Knickerbockers avoided a disastrous situation, evening up the series with their first playoff win since 2013.

Fans, who were clearly hyped up, took to the streets in celebration, chanting "we want Brooklyn" in an apparent challenge towards the Eastern Conference favorites.

Skeptics were quick to point out that the Knicks only have one win, suggesting that maybe they should win some more games before they go talking big.

Besides, the team will have to make the Eastern Conference Finals if they are to play against their cousins in Brooklyn, and that's not a matchup they'd be favored to win by any stretch.

But this is just kind of what happens when the Knicks are good. As perhaps the biggest fanbase in the NBA, they will make a lot of noise and will blow things out of proportion. After so many years of being in the dark, who are we to rain on their parade?

On a serious note though, the team will be headed back to Atlanta for games 3 and 4, where the crowd there is tasked with matching the energy in MSG.

No doubt, it will be an intense environment for what has been an amazing series so far.

It will be interesting to see how it all ends.