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Obi Toppin's Mother Cries As MSG Crowd Shouts "Obi! Obi!"

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The New York Knicks are relevant again, and thanks in no small part to the rookie, Obi Toppin.

While he only played 11 minutes in New York's Game 2 victory, he dropped 8 points and provided a burst of energy for his crew, prompting chants from happy Knicks fans.

It was a great moment that got many people emotional -- including Toppin's mother, who was moved to tears as she witnessed the scene.

It's a wholesome moment that the entire NBA community was able to celebrate together.

Even if the Knicks lose this series, and get sent home in the first round, the heart and passion they've played with all season long are definitely something to be admired.

Going forward, the new aroma around the franchise couldn't be sweeter and it seems only a matter of time before stars start flocking to become a part of this revitalized New York Knicks squad.

As for Toppin, he's doing his best to provide meaningful minutes for his team, and it's already producing quality results. Whether or not he's a part of New York's long-term future, he won't be forgetting this season for some time to come -- and neither, it seems, will his mother.