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Kobe Bryant's Daughter Natalia Opens Up About Her Relationship With Her Father: "He Was Just Like The Best Girl Dad Ever"

Kobe Bryant's Daughter Natalia Opens Up About Her Relationship With Her Father: "He Was Just Like The Best Girl Dad Ever"

Despite a year and a half going by, the loss of Kobe Bryant still hurts. Bryant was one of the most popular figures in the world, both on and off the court. And his fanbase was absolutely massive.

The world still mourns the loss of Kobe and his daughter Gigi. Bryant had shown in the years after retiring that his focus was entirely on his family, as he would be spotted with them in public on several occasions.

Bryant played in the NBA for 20 years and was one of the most successful figures in the history of the game. When things seemed bleak for the NBA after the retirement of Michael Jordan, Kobe stepped up and became the face of the league.

Kobe was very similar to Jordan, in both his style of play and his mentality. Both played at the shooting guard position and played with a desire to win that very few could match. This is just one of the many reasons Kobe was such a beloved figure in the league.

After his playing days were over, Kobe dedicated himself to projects outside the NBA. He focused on helping his daughters play basketball, with him infamously coaching (and celebrating) his daughter Gigi's basketball team to a massive win over another team.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Kobe's eldest daughter Natalia Bryant spoke about the relationship she had with her father. She spoke about how Kobe was a kind and wonderful father who would take interest in all the things that they would.

Losing your father and sister, especially in the way Natalia and the rest of the Bryant family did, can never be easy. But she loves talking about her father because of how fond the memories she shared with him are.

"He was just like the best girl dad ever. He was just letting me play my playlist and jam out to Taylor Swift the whole ride back, and talk about Star Wars too. It was so much fun. I love talking about my dad. It's bittersweet, but I enjoy talking about him more than it's sad for me." 

"You do the best that you can. For my little sisters [we're] trying to keep that memory for them. And also just trying to remember to live out every day the way they would."

On top of his legendary career, Kobe became an accomplished storyteller and even won an Academy Award for his short film 'Dear Basketball'. Kobe's second chapter in life, one away from the NBA, was taking shape before his untimely passing. But above all, family was the most important thing for Kobe.