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Kobe Bryant's Hall Of Fame Class Is Better Than Michael Jordan's Hall Of Fame Class, Per HoopsHype

Kobe Bryant's Hall Of Fame Class Is Better Than Michael Jordan's Hall Of Fame Class, Per HoopsHype

The Hall of Fame Class of 2020 - to be finally inducted in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic - features nothing but legends, as per usual.

Making it to the Hall of Fame is the greatest accomplishment a basketball player could ever hope for, as it doesn't depend only on team accolades like NBA Championships, so it's a spot reserved for nothing but the greatest to ever do it.

Then again, even if we're used to witnessing nothing but the best of the best making it to this stage, we can all agree that some classes are better than others. And, perhaps, no other class has been better than the class of 2020, according to Frank Urbina from  HoopsHype:

"Bryant alone finished his illustrious career with five championships, 18 All-Star appearances and 11 1st Team All-NBAs. Add to that Duncan’s five championships, 15 All-Star showings and 10 1st Team All-NBA nominations, as well as Garnett’s lone NBA title, 15 All-Star seasons and four 1st Team All-NBAs, and you have the basis of the most accolade-laden Hall-of-Fame class ever.

The 2020 class is statistically the best ever because it’s the crop with the most combined All-NBAs and All-Star selections. Further, if we combine all of the accolades for each Hall-of-Fame class, not just All-Star and All-NBAs, as we did in the chart below, and weigh them out by importance of accolade (we went with one point for an All-Star appearance, two points for a 3rd Team All-NBA selection, three points for a 2nd Team All-NBA, four points for a 1st Team All-NBA and five points for an MVP award), the 2020 class still comes out as the best ever. The second-best Hall-of-Fame class ever is the 2009 class, which featured Michael Jordan, John Stockton and David Robinson," read HoopsHype analysis.

There's no denying that it's quite difficult to top a class that features Jordan, Stockton, and Robinson, but at first glimpse, this one could.

Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Garnett are all NBA Champions, MVP winners, and players who made their presence felt on both ends of the floor. They won nearly every possible award and are the best player in three franchises' history.

So, in the case you want to compare this star-studded class with some of the best we've seen and determine whether it's actually the best of all time, check out this chart we made with HoopsHype's graphic: