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Kobe Bryant's Perfect Response To Mark Cuban Saying The Lakers Should Cut Kobe: "Amnesty That Game"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kobe Bryant was the ultimate competitor. Even if he didn't say anything, he heard every single thing people said about him and made the most of every single chance to prove his doubters wrong night in and night out.

That's why, back in 2013, he had plenty of extra motivation to beat the Dallas Mavericks after some comments from Mark Cuban that didn't sit well with him at all.

Cuban suggested that maybe the Lakers should amnesty Kobe Bryant, who was due to make a league-high $30.45 million salary next season. That way, they could cut their costs and maybe put together a more competitive team:

“If you look at their payroll, even if Dwight (Howard) comes back, you’ve got to ask the question: Should they amnesty Kobe?” Cuban told ESPN Dallas. 

“It’s the same reason I wouldn’t get rid of Dirk. I’ll take a hit for a season rather than get rid of Dirk. That’s just it. I’ve made that commitment to him over the years and he’s returned that commitment. Maybe that’s selfish, but that’s just the way it is. So I’m just saying that hypothetically. When I say amnesty Kobe, I don’t think they’d do it, but they’ve got some choices to make. Now, they’re in a big market, but they’re still limited. The Knicks, the same thing. Boston, same thing.”

While Cuban just wanted to make an example, Kobe didn't care about his comments. At all, so he responded by torching the Mavs with 38 points, 12 rebounds, and 7 assists. 

Then, after the game, the Black Mamba took to Twitter with an epic clap back: "Amnesty THAT."

That was just classic Kobe Bryant. You could try and poke him but he was going to make sure to give you hell as soon as he had the chance to play you. He spared no victims and never forgot about any comment.

Even so, it seems like there were never true hard feelings between Cuban and Kobe. In fact, the billionaire once said that they had made all arrangements for Bryant to join Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas. Also, the Mavs retired Kobe's number 24 jersey following his tragic death.

“Kobe was an ambassador for our game, a decorated legend and a global icon. Above all, he was a loving and dedicated father,” Cuban wrote in a statement following Kobe's death. “Kobe’s legacy transcends basketball, and our organization has decided that the number 24 will never again be worn by a Dallas Maverick.”

Given how cruel and ruthless the sports industry is, it wouldn't be that far-fetched to think that the Lakers could've actually followed Cuban's advice and cut ties with the legendary shooting guard.

Eventually, Cuban didn't even think of amnestying Nowitzki and the Lakers even resigned Kobe. Both finished their Hall of Famer careers with their organizations and became the undisputed GOATs of their franchises. 

As for Kobe, he gave Mark and the rest of the NBA the most valuable lesson: Never, ever, poke the Black Mamba.