Kyle Kuzma Posts Farewell To Los Angeles Lakers On Instagram

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The Los Angeles Lakers have recently traded Kyle Kuzma to the Washington Wizards as part of a larger package for Russell Westbrook.  While acquiring Russell Westbrook was obviously a good move for the Lakers, losing Kyle Kuzma in the process is certainly regrettable. Kyle Kuzma was a crucial part of the 2019-20 championship, and he will forever be remembered as part of that Los Angeles Lakers team.

Kyle Kuzma has recently posted a farewell to the Los Angeles Lakers on his Instagram. The former Laker appreciated the Lakers community for welcoming him to the team with open arms when he got drafted and reminisced on how he achieved his goal of wanting to be a contributor to a championship in Los Angeles while stating that he is a Laker forever.

There is no doubt that Kyle Kuzma has dealt with challenges during his time in Los Angeles. He has to adjust his role many times during his Lakers tenure, and his ability to do so and fit in has been crucial. Kuzma has improved a lot in terms of contributing to winning on the court during his time playing next to superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis as well.

With the Washington Wizards, Kyle Kuzma will likely get more opportunity on the offensive end, an opportunity he didn't have on the Lakers during the last two seasons. Hopefully, Kuzma is able to improve his game. He has had seasons with good scoring and good defense: if he can put it all together, he can be a very capable forward for Washington. Of course, that relies on the Wizards not packaging him as part of another deal. However, Kyle Kuzma will be a successful player no matter where he goes, even if he never becomes an All-Star.