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Kyrie Irving And Kevin Durant Have Reportedly Increased Communication About Irving’s Fit On The Nets

Kevin Durant Had A Message For Kyrie Irving After He Made His Return: "Welcome F*cking Back!"

Kyrie Irving has been away from the Brooklyn Nets for the entirety of the season so far. Because Irving refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine, he became ineligible to play home games for the Nets, due to New York's vaccine mandate. As a result, the Nets excluded Irving from all team activities until further notice.

But according to recent developments, that may become a reality soon enough. NBA insider Shams Charania recently reported that there is a growing belief among the Brooklyn Nets' organization that Irving will return to the team in some capacity and play for them.

In this report by The Athletic, Charania also added that Irving's communication with fellow Nets' star Kevin Durant has intensified, and the two have begun speaking more regularly, especially about Irving's role on the Nets, and also matters from each other's personal lives.

There is renewed optimism around Irving returning to the Nets this season, sources with knowledge of the situation tell The Athletic.

It remains unclear whether Irving’s potential return this season would come via vaccination to meet New York City’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement or by Brooklyn opening the door for him to play road games and practice at home, but sources have indicated a renewed belief that Irving could play this season after all. Nets players and coaches want to have Irving rejoin the team as soon as possible. In recent weeks, Irving and Kevin Durant, his co-star and close friend, have had increased communication about his fit on the team, breaking down the games, and about life in general, sources added. There appears to be an increased level of enthusiasm between the two superstars.

Losing Irving, an All-Star caliber guard was a big loss for Brooklyn. While they're still the best team in the East, there is a general agreement among everyone in the NBA community that the Nets would be way better if they had Irving on the court playing for them.

Durant has mentioned in the past that he and the Brooklyn Nets miss Kyrie's presence on the court. And on a personal level, this loss must be difficult for Durant, given how close he and Kyrie Irving are. Durant joined the Nets because of Kyrie, as they wanted to play together. And if things go right, that will be happening soon enough.