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Kyrie Irving Appears On Zoom Meeting While Nets Play The Nuggets

Kyrie Irving Appears On Zoom Meeting While Nets Play The Nuggets

Kyrie Irving has been the hottest topic in the NBA for the past couple of days, especially after he decided to miss the last couple of Brooklyn Nets games in the association. The point guard has missed the last four matches of his team and no return date has been set for him.

The franchise showed his support to the player, stating that they will wait for him as long as necessary, but Kyrie appears to have taken things too far, which hasn't sat well with the team's officials, who aren't happy with him right now.

After a video of Kyrie partying with his sister and father (both share birthdays on Jan. 12), everybody went nuts over Kyrie's attitude and his unwillingness to join the Nets at this stage of the season. He missed the first games due to "personal reasons", which a lot of people interpreted as a protest for the US Capitol riots that happened last week. He reportedly went "off the grid" after that and nobody knew about Kyrie.

Well, he made a surprising appearance at a party, which led the league to start an investigation of the incident and everybody is speculating about what is really going on with Irving.

That said, he also made a public appearance on Monday night in a Zoom meeting focused on social justice while the Brooklyn Nets and Denver Nuggets were playing at Barclays Center.

Kyrie seems to be more focused on non-related matters right now and there is no problem with that, but he's part of an NBA team after signing a huge contract two years ago. This didn't make anybody happy and seeing all the uncertainty surrounding Irving, this can only get worse.

The Nets admitted they don't know when the player is coming back and it seems like not even Kyrie knows when that will happen.