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NBA Fans Hilariously React To 'Fat' James Harden

NBA Fans Hilariously React To 'Fat' James Harden

James Harden surprised the NBA world again when he showed his body on Tuesday night, as the Houston Rockets met the Los Angeles Lakers for the second time in three days. Harden entered the court with his training kit and it's fair to say he looked very heavy in that thing.

As he prepared to get some shots, people noticed how heavy he looked and started making jokes. One announcer even said on air he had a "pre-game meal," which sparked a lot of reactions about the Houston Rockets' star fit and how he's handling the whole situation about his trade request and all the things going on within the Rockets organization. NBA Twitter, as ruthless as always, had a couple of things to say about Harden and his body.

It's true what some said; he can look like that and still drop 40, 50 pieces on anybody. But knowing that Harden looked way better than that in prior years, it's crazy to see him getting to this point. It would be hard to see him getting in better shape while in Houston, to be honest, so this situation can get worse for the team as the days go by.

Harden finally broke his silence and made it clear that this situation is unsalvageable and he hopes to find a solution sooner than later.