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Kyrie Irving Speaks Out Against Player Comparisons: "Some People Can’t Enjoy Life Without Comparing The Moment To Something Or Someone Else."

Kyrie Irving Gives Hilarious Response To Fan Who Says He Can Lock Him Up

Comparing players to each other is a normal and common practice for the NBA community. It generates discussions, debates, and generally makes things interesting during the offseason, when there are no games to watch.

And while most enjoy partaking in these discussions, Brooklyn's Kyrie Irving detests them, as he was quick to proclaim on Twitter:

LOL, when will all these comparisons of people and “expert hot takes” cease to exist? Like bruh, just appreciate the persons greatness and enjoy what you’re experiencing. It’s like some people can’t enjoy life without comparing the moment to something or someone else.

Kyrie has become rather notorious for his interesting takes on ball and life. Over the years, he has made some rather bizarre statements about the earth, thanksgiving, and the media (to name a few).

While his most recent take might be a bit controversial, there are a lot of fans who agree with his take and the premise that people should just appreciate what's in front of them:

Kyrie has been the subject of comparisons for pretty much his entire career. As a multiple-time All-Star and NBA champion, it's unavoidable.

In fact, it wasn't long ago that Kyrie's own teammate, Kevin Durant, shared his own hot take regarding the star point guard.

“I’ve never seen somebody block his layup, and he’s 6-2. I’ve never seen one person pin his layup on the glass—not one—because the spin he got on it and he don’t have to look at it. I just got so much respect for him because I know how much work he put in to be that good. I've never seen nobody like him.”

“Kyrie is better than AI to me. I’m going from like skill for skill. His handle is better. We might have to cut that out—I don’t want no problems with AI. Y’all might have to cut that one. I don’t want that to get out. I’m just saying I feel like Kyrie got more skill.”

This upcoming season, he'll likely draw plenty of more comparisons and "hot takes" as he looks to compete for a title. As much as Uncle Drew might hate it, he's just too good not to be included in those conversations.