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Kyrie Irving Strongly Urges The US Government To Bring Brittney Griner Back To The Country

Kyrie Irving Strongly Urges The US Government To Bring Brittney Griner Back To The Country

Kyrie Irving's latest headlines may have all been about his situation with the Brooklyn Nets and his contract after a first-round sweep for the team. Still, the one thing Kyrie is known for is staying committed to his political stances. Irving is never afraid to speak out, whether people agree with him or not, and his statements often revolve around real-world issues that the communities he is a part of are impacted by. 

One of the biggest news stories in the basketball world recently has been the continued detaining of WNBA star Brittney Griner in Russia after vape cartridges containing oil derived from cannabis were reportedly found in her bag on her way back to the United States. Griner has been in Russian custody since, with many around the league calling for her to be brought home as soon as possible. 

Irving has now taken to social media to strongly urge the government of the United States to make something happen, sharing a petition that is asking for something to be done in this situation. 

"Brittney Griner has been illegally detained in Russia since February 17th, 2022. I’m urging the @WhiteHouse to prioritize Brittney’s safe return home immediately!"

The situation with Griner has drawn a lot of attention to the fact that WNBA stars have to play overseas during their offseason to make as much money as they can because WNBA contracts tend not to pay enough like the ones in Europe do. However, while that is a larger issue, to most people, the important thing is that Griner is returned home safe. 

Griner's wife, Cherelle Griner, has spoken to the Secretary of State as efforts in this endeavor continue. Irving's support, along with those of other NBA stars and other prominent celebrities, should help in moving the process along. The sentence in Russia for Griner's alleged crime carries a potential sentence of 10 years, something that would be quite the issue.