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Kyrie Irving Will Join LeBron James And DeMar DeRozan And Play In The Drew League On Saturday

Kyrie Irving Will Join LeBron James And DeMar DeRozan And Play In The Drew League On Saturday

Kyrie Irving has been in the middle of several newsworthy moments during the last season. His initial inability to play, thanks to not taking the COVID-19 vaccine was followed by some great performances. However, after the Nets' season ended in a sweep, there was a lot of drama around a potential contract extension before he ended up picking up his player option for next season. 

Things still haven't settled down for Kyrie, and there are still numerous reports suggesting that he will end up joining the Los Angeles Lakers if a deal between the two franchises can be figured out. But whether Kyrie is a Laker or Net next season, one place where he will be seen in action is the Drew League on Saturday. 

"Kyrie Irving is expected to play in the Drew League on Saturday."

Drew League is a Pro-Am league in Los Angeles that has hosted several superstars throughout the years, names like James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant. Even in this summer's game, both LeBron James and DeMar DeRozan will be participating, making it quite the star-studded event. 

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James playing in the same game is an interesting wrinkle considering that the King has reportedly been pushing to bring Kyrie to the Lakers in a deal that would see Russell Westbrook go the other way. The tension between Russ and James has been widely reported on, and after LeBron's tweet following Russ firing his agent, the speculation has only increased. 

Without all the background speculation, though, having stars of this caliber participating is huge for the Drew League. The game promises to be an exciting one for NBA fans to watch, and it's rare to see that many top stars on the floor outside of big games in the league. This offseason has certainly been anything but boring, and now there's some premium basketball that fans can look forward to as well.