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Kyrie Irving's Donations All Year Don't Get The Credit They Deserve

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kyrie Irving is trying to make a difference for the most possible people, even with his colleagues in the WNBA. The Brooklyn Nets star has committed $1.5 million to take care of players who choose not to play this season. These funds will come from the KAI Empowerment Initiative that Irving launched Monday.

This is not the first time Irving is trying to help others. The 2016 NBA champion has done a lot for his peers this year, and people don't seem to credit all the work Kyrie is doing. Besides helping WNBA players, Kyrie has done a lot for people before and during the COVID-19 outbreak while taking care of different issues.

He's been very outspoken against racial injustice and police brutality, even creating a TV special to seek justice for Breonna Taylor.

You can say whatever you want about Irving but those are the facts. He's been trying to do whatever he can to improve things around him; still, it looks like people don't know what Kyrie has done for others and only focus on the other side of his life.

He's earned a lot of criticism for his behavior on the court but it's a different story when he's not playing basketball. He even tried to stop the resumption of the NBA to focus on more important issues and even though the league is less than 24 hours away from the resumption, Kyrie hasn't stopped doing his job.

You have to give some credit to the man. He's done nothing but helps people but those moves often get unnoticed.