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Kyrie Irving's Excuse On Why He Missed Thursday's Game: "I Just Didn’t Want To Play.”

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

The Brooklyn Nets were still able to come out with a victory against the 76ers on Thursday, but it probably would have been easier had Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving taken the floor.

For Durant, the Nets can expect him to be out for a few more games, as he serves out mandatory isolation as a result of COVID-19 protocols.

Irving's situation is much simpler. After saying he was out for "personal reasons" the star himself revealed his absence from the game on Thursday night was simply the result of him not wanting to play...

Follow-up reports have surfaced, claiming that Kyrie skipped the game as a result of Wednesday's assault on the U.S. Capitol by rioters. Kyrie has yet to confirm or deny whether that claim is accurate.

Obviously, Kyrie's excuse for sitting out is drawing heavy criticism, as the guy is getting paid $33 million this season ($458,33 per game this season) to show up and play for his team. Many feel as though taking a personal day isn't a good enough excuse to just not show up to a game.

Irving's popularity with the fans has been questionable since he started his "flat earth" conspiracy comments years ago, and it seems he just hasn't been able to handle media relations well ever since.

Still, mental health is important, and Wednesday night's D.C. riot could certainly have impacted him in a negative way.

The Nets hope he will return to play for their game Friday against the Memphis Grizzlies.