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Lakers Fans Celebrate After Team Beats The Warriors Behind LeBron James' 56 Point Performance: "He Owns The Warriors."

Draymond Green Destroys Lakers Fans For Booing LeBron James: “This Team Just Won A Championship Not Even A Full Two Years Ago. I Thought It Was Utterly Ridiculous.”

The Los Angeles Lakers have recently won their recent matchup against the Golden State Warriors, winning 124-116. There's no doubt that this was a must-win game for the team, as they needed to stop their 4-game losing streak.

There is no doubt that a lot of Los Angeles Lakers fans were happy to see the team get back to winning ways. A lot of fans lauded LeBron James' 56 point performance, and it was clear that LeBron James knew what he had to do to stop the team's skid. Notably, LeBron James has recently stated that he's upset about not being considered among the best scorers ever, and he has shown why he belongs in that conversation tonight.

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There's no question that the Los Angeles Lakers have shown this game that they can still beat top-tier teams on the right night. While obviously, LeBron James' scoring played a huge part in their win, the Los Angeles Lakers also looked much better on the defensive end. 

Hopefully, the Los Angeles Lakers are able to build on this win and start winning more games in the future. While Anthony Davis remains out, they still have talent on the roster, and there's no doubt that they have the ability to win games when they play consistent defense. They could potentially make a winning run in the coming weeks, but they will need to continue with the sort of basketball that they played today.

LeBron James is clearly still playing at a superstar level, and hopefully, the Los Angeles Lakers will be able to capitalize on his play. He is having one of the best scoring seasons of his career, and attempting to bring the Los Angeles Lakers to more wins. Perhaps he'll succeed, and knowing his resume and pedigree, we shouldn't count out the Lakers.