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Lakers Fans Hit Rock Bottom After Triple-Overtime Loss To Kings

LeBron James

No win comes easy in the NBA, but Friday's match between the Lakers and Kings proved especially brutal.

After giving up a significant lead in the second half, the Lakers couldn't close the deal, eventually going to three overtimes against the Kings before losing the game (final score 1.

After all that fighting, the loss came with an extra sting for Lakers fans, who lost their minds on social media.

LeBron James led the show with 30 points on the night, but his play was still not enough to elevate the star-studded Lakers to a win against the struggling Kings.

If the alarm bells weren't ringing before, they sure are now, as this sort of mediocrity has been par for the course the entire season so far.

"At this particular juncture, a berth to the second round of the playoffs and that's about as far as they can get," said Stephen A. Smith on First Take. "I'm not predicting that's gonna happen just yet, but they're giving us no to be enthusiastic. LeBron James looks relatively human. Can we count on Carmelo Anthony this year? 52% from 3-point range and 50% from the field? As good as I know he is, and as proud as I am of him of still being in this league, I don't think we can count on those numbers to continue, and then there is Russell Westbrook. [He's] averaging 18, 8 and 8, but shooting 25% from 3-point range, about 41% from the field, that's not going to cut it," Smith said on NBA Countdown Wednesday night." 

The Lakers have dropped to under .500 on the season, and currently stand 10-11 through 21 games. Obviously, that's not the start they were hoping for.

No matter what issues currently plague the team, you can bet the Lakers will be feeling all the pressure in the world to turn things around soon. If not, major changes could be the result.