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LaMelo Ball Is The Youngest Player In NBA History To Reach 200 3PT Shots Made In A Season

LaMelo Ball Drops F-Bombs During Post-Game Interview After Win Over Dallas Mavericks: “Today is F**k with Melo Day, Ok"

LaMelo Ball is one of the most promising young stars in the league as he is the face of the Charlotte Hornets and got his first All-Star appearance this season. Currently, LaMelo Ball is averaging 20.0 PPG, 6.7 RPG, and 7.5 APG.

Recently, LaMelo Ball made NBA history, as he is the youngest player to reach 200 made 3PT shots in a season. He is also the fifth Hornets player to achieve that feat. There is no doubt that this is a fantastic achievement for the young guard.

Hornets G LaMelo Ball has reached 200 3s this season and is the youngest player (20 years, 223 days) in NBA history to reach that mark in a single season. He is the fifth CHA player with 200+ 3s in a season.

The Charlotte Hornets have been a solid offensive team this year under LaMelo Ball's leadership. He has been developing nicely with the team, but many people still believe that the Hornets are a few years away from being a competitive playoff team. However, LaMelo Ball himself believes that the Charlotte Hornets simply need a good big man to be a force in the Eastern Conference.

“When they really put them keys in my hand, I feel like it’s gonna be a whole new situation. But until then, I’m gonna keep doing what I need to do, just try to get these wins,” says Melo. “I ain’t gonna lie, every game I feel like I can do more than what I’m doing. It’s just [about] reading the whole game and reading the whole situation. And everybody being on the same page. The consistency part. Once all that clears, I feel like we’ll be straight.

“The season isn’t successful until you win a championship. But it’s [also] pretty much always about being better than the last year. So, last year we were in the play-in. This year hopefully we get in the playoffs, win a first round, something like that. Just keep going up from there. I just feel we’re like a big away. One that can clog up the whole paint, rebound. Put that bitch in my hands [and] let me rock! That’s how I be feeling. And then we’re gonna be straight.”

The Charlotte Hornets are currently the 9th seed in the Eastern Conference and they have a chance to potentially make the playoffs via the play-in tournament. Perhaps we'll see them make it out.

Hopefully, we see the Charlotte Hornets and LaMelo Ball continue improving. They have a really bright future, and maybe one day they'll end up competing for the NBA championship.