LaMelo Ball's Response To Kyle Kuzma Saying Nobody Would Remember Him In 3-4 Years': "Listen To Me Very Closely, I'm Your Favorite Player's Favorite Player"

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

LaMelo Ball is extremely talented on the court, but the youngest Ball brother also has some excellent skills in trolling people. Three years ago, he burned Kyle Kuzma with a tremendous line, destroying the Los Angeles Lakers' young player. 

Kuz and Lonzo Ball always had a great relationship. Melo took advantage of that to troll the forward, who was always ready to fire back. However, during a video call, the now Charlotte Hornets star went with everything after Kuz. 

"I would put you in the gang, Kuz, but you be trying to roast me on social media," Ball said.

“It’s called swag, my boy,” Kuzma replied before offering to send LaMelo “a couple ‘fits ‘cause you need to fix your swag up.”

Melo didn't stop there, reminding Kuz that he had his own signature shoe, unlike the two Lakers players. 

“I’m 16 with my own shoe,” LaMelo said. “How you feel?"

“In like three or four years, when nobody knows about your, your shoe’s gonna be in Payless,” Kuzma responded.

“Is that right? I’m gonna be so fly, I’mma have yo momma laced in my MB1s, courtside,” Melo retorted.

“True swag is effortless, man,” Kuz said. “What’s wrong with you?”

Melo was tired of the back and forth and went with the ultimate line to demoralize Kuzma. 

“I want you to hear me very closely: I’m your favorite player’s favorite player.”

16-year-old Melo was wild, and this isn't the first time we talk about that. He showed his curious personality in old interviews, making many people laugh with every crazy thing he said or did. 

He even revealed who he'd pick between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and not precisely for their music. Melo is a character, and he already showed that during his high school days. 

Now that he's in the NBA, Ball keeps making people laugh with his moves. Hell, he even calls Michael Jordan 'Unc,' imagine the confidence you must have to do that. Melo always had it, and this roast is probably the biggest proof of that.