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LeBron James Admits He Is Frustrated Because Of His Groin, Abdomen Injuries, And False Positive COVID-19 Test

LeBron James Admits He Is Frustrated Because Of His Groin And Abdomen Injuries And False Positive COVID-19 Test

The Lakers have struggled to maintain any degree of consistency this season. Every time they look like they’re clicking and could put a run of victories together, they end up losing a game that they very easily could win. One of the biggest reasons for this inconsistency is LeBron James missing games periodically.

LeBron James has spent some time on the bench, due to an ankle injury, groin injury, and abdomen injury. On top of that, he was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, forcing him to enter the NBA’s health and safety protocols. But just 24 hours later, it turned out that it was a false positive, and LeBron was cleared to return.

LeBron James discussed him coming in and out of the starting lineup for various reasons this season. He expressed his frustration of missing time and pointed to the incorrect COVID-19 test that kept him out against Sacramento, especially as he was in his rhythm. He promised good things to come, despite the rough start to the season.

“I feel like obviously before going to Sacramento I was getting into a really, really good rhythm. Offensively, defensively as a team, we were playing well. Those guys did a hell of a job-winning that game, but for me, it’s been very frustrating either dealing with the groin or the abdomen and then having to deal with the false positive that knocked me out a game and then knocked me off the floor and not being able to keep my rhythm. It’s been a very challenging year to start going through the season for myself, but only good things ahead.”

James’ return came on a big night for the Lakers; a game against the LA Clippers that would allow them to win 3 consecutive games for the first time this season. Given how the Lakers had played in their last 2 games, and James' proven track record of coming back well after injury, fans thought this would be the start of a strong run.

But that never happened, as the Lakers struggled with the same problems of the past. The Lakers couldn’t capitalize, and lost to the Clippers, thus enraging the fans. It encapsulated their issue; inconsistency. And this will be the thing that holds them back from winning an NBA championship this season if they don’t fix things soon.