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LeBron James Doesn't Care What Position He Plays: "I’m Not A PG, SG, SF, PF, C. I'm A Ball Player. Put Me Out On The Floor With Whoever And I'll Make Things Happen."


LeBron James has been spectacular for the Los Angeles Lakers over the last few weeks. James has been carrying the weight for the Los Angeles Lakers in the absence of Anthony Davis and the poor form of their other stars. And a lot of his great games recently have come while he was playing at the center position. 

James has been the surprising solution for the Los Angeles Lakers at the center position. The Lakers had been suffering from a lack of viable options at the center position, with Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan not performing well when they were asked to play big minutes.

But with James, the Lakers have found a great option at the center position, and can now execute a small-ball lineup. And it appears James is confident about being a positionless player and has been confident about that for quite some time, as a recent clip from last year has resurfaced of James explaining the same.

In an interview from 2020, LeBron James was asked what position he feels the best playing in for the Lakers. James responded by saying that he doesn't confine himself to one particular position as a player. He considers himself a basketball player above all else, capable of making good things happen on the court with his teammates.

“I’m not a PG, SG, SF, PF, C. I’m a ball player. Put me out on the floor with whoever & I’ll make things happen.”

James' words seem to ring prophetic now, given how well he and the Lakers have played since he was deployed as a center for them in the starting lineup. He has been playing incredible basketball, even prompting some fans to say that James is a better center than Anthony Davis and a better point guard than Russell Westbrook.

Going forward, the Lakers will be hoping that James at the center position with the Lakers will yield even better results. And when Davis returns, he can start performing at a level just as high as James. The Lakers are at their best when James and Davis are playing their best basketball together.