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LeBron James' Epic First Reactions After Joe Biden Wins United States Presidency

LeBron James' First Reactions After Joe Biden Winning 2020 US Elections

LeBron James didn't wait too long to react to Joe Biden winning the 2020 United States elections, where he beat Donald Trump, who was looking for another four years in office. Biden, a democratic candidate, received big support from LeBron James and most NBA stars. Just like the King, the rest of the players must be happy with this result in an election that turned out to be longer than expected.

After winning the 20 electoral votes of Pennsylvania, Biden has 284 right now, 14 more than he needed to win the elections. This was the expected result since a couple of days ago and now is official, with LeBron taking to Twitter to celebrate the result and make fun of Donald Trump and his last four years in the presidency.

He shared a meme of himself blocking Andre Iguodala in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, but with Biden's face on his body and Trump's face on Iguodala's.

James first posted a picture of himself smoking a cigarette after he won the 2020 NBA championship in the bubble last month, showing his emotions after winning the title and see Mr. Biden doing the same in a crucial year for the country. James shouted out his 'More than a vote' organization, which played a big role in this outcome.

Bron also congratulated the people of Philadelphia for giving that last push that helped Biden win the presidency.

He then shared a gif with Donald Trump and the phrase 'you're fired,' saying goodbye to the 45th president of the United States.

Even though Trump will remain in charge of the country until next year, this result makes LeBron very happy and he couldn't hide his excitement.