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LeBron James Goes Viral After He's Caught Eating Popcorn On The Sidelines With Hoodie And Shades

LeBron James

After being ruled out of Monday's game with "significant knew soreness, nobody was expecting LeBron James to get much attention tonight.

But once the game was rolling, James went viral online after he was caught enjoying a bag of popcorn on the sidelines.

It's a pretty dark and mysterious look he's got going on, but fans were enjoying it nonetheless.

After scoring 56 points against the Warriors on Saturday, LeBron showed that he still has something left in the tank and that he can still score at a high level, just like he has his entire career.

“The crazy thing is I’m not like a natural scorer,” James said on 'The Shop.' “I love getting my guys involved, I’ve always been that way. The point of seeing my teammate succeed off my pass. I’ve always been that type of guy. And to sit on top of the food chain in the most points scored in the history of the game is like it’s weird to me. When they talk about the best scorers of all time, they never mention my name. It pisses me off. They don’t ever bring my name to it.”

Unfortunately, that game was a major outlier. Overall, this season has been a complete disaster for the Lakers, and James' efforts to turn things around have been in vain so far. 

At just 28-35, it's highly unlikely they make the 6th seed before the end of the season, meaning they'll have to fight for their playoff lives.

With no indication on when Anthony Davis will return to full strength, or if Russell Westbrook will ever find his groove, it will be up to James to keep the Lakers relevant in the wild West. The path ahead will be difficult and challenging.

But James will have to be healthy to pull it off, and if it means he will have to spend more time munching popcorn on the sidelines, that's exactly what he'll do.