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LeBron James Has The Same Response About Violating NBA's Protocol And Chris Paul's Attempt To Injure Him



LeBron James finally had the chance to talk with reporters about the things he lived this week. Some of them raised many concerns around the league, given that the King was spotted partying with Drake and Michael B. Jordan last Monday, which was a violation of the league's health and safety protocol. 

He didn't face a suspension for his action and was ready to go on Sunday when the Los Angeles Lakers faced the Phoenix Suns. The game wasn't easy for him and his team, who lost the first match of the series against an inspired team. James starred in some controversial moments during the game, including one where fans believe Chris Paul tried to injure him

James was asked about his protocol violations and the CP3 play, but he wasn't bothered. He didn't address any of that and used the same response for questions about his long-time friend and his actions last Monday (1:30).

"I'll be ready for Game 2," James said. 

The Lakers were welcomed to the NBA playoffs with a big loss in front of the young Suns. The purple and gold met a passionate team that didn't give them a chance to get closer on the scoreboard, snapping their 7-game winning streak with a 99-90 final outcome. 

The King finished the game with 18 points, 7 rebounds and 10 assists for his squad. They will play again on Tuesday, with the Lakers hoping to bounce back, or things will get very complex for them.