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“LeBron James Has Told Me He Doesn’t Believe In Load Management,” Says NBA Reporter

“LeBron James Has Told Me He Doesn’t Believe In Load Management,” Says NBA Reporter

LeBron James is about to turn 36 years old at the beginning of his 18th season in the NBA. The King has was marvelous for the Lakers last season and he's hoping to have a similar or better season this one. Given the short turnaround of the league, James will need to take more rest than he's used to in order to preserve his body for the playoffs.

Having Anthony Davis by his side surely helps but the team will need James to run it back. The load management has been very famous around the league in recent seasons and this one won't be the exception for several teams around the league. Of course, the Lakers can use that resources to protect LeBron, but he's not a fan of it. According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN, the King doesn't like load management and he's planning to play every game as long as he's healthy (2:40 mark).

"I mean, LeBron has told me that he flat out does not believe in load management. He's told me over and over again, 'If I'm healthy, I'm playing' and certainly he would have to either come off that stance, change his mind about it, or be a hypocrite if to all of a sudden load manage this year. So, we'll see how that works out. (...) There is a thing and it's very low on the list of priorities for LeBron in terms of what he wants to accomplish, it's all about winning championships at this stage of his career. But I don't think LeBron is gonna rest for the sake of resting. I've always known him to be a guy where, if he's going to get out there and be a part of a regular season, 'play me, don't sit me only for the sake of sitting me'. I don't think that's really gonna change."

LeBron has always been willing to play if he's healthy. Last season, when the load management received a lot of criticism, especially for Kawhi Leonard, he stated that he was going to play as much as possible as long as his body allowed him. That's not changing this season, apparently.