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'LeBron James Is The 5th Best Point Guard In The NBA,' Per NBA GMs

'LeBron James Is The 5th Best Point Guards In The NBA,' Per NBA GMs

LeBron James has been known as a point forward for the most part of his career and last season, he evolved and was used primarily as a point guard by Frank Vogel. That strategy worked out for the Lakers, as the Lakers won their 17th NBA championship in the Orlando bubble and now are ready to defend it.

LeBron has recently stated that he's not a point guard or a power forward or a center; he's a ball player and is willing to play at any position on the court. It seems like General Managers around the league think the same as he wasn't selected as the best point guard in the league entering the season. The NBA conducted a poll with several GMs and Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry was selected as the best in his position.

Curry earned that "recognition" last year with 90% but this year things have changed. The biggest surprise for plenty of people was that LeBron was selected 5th with 11% of votes.

Who is the best point guard in the NBA?
1. Stephen Curry, Golden State – 30%
2. Damian Lillard, Portland – 22%
3. Luka Doncic, Dallas – 19%
4. Chris Paul, Phoenix – 15%
5. LeBron James, L.A. Lakers – 11%

This didn't sit well with a lot of people in the league and fans started wondering why Bron was ranked so low. Even Paul Pierce wondered what was the criteria for this, knowing that LeBron is the best player in the world yet he's not selected as the best point guard in the league. These things are always controversial and this year wasn't the exception. James is ready to do whatever it takes to lead his team to the promised land and perhaps change his position on this list.