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LeBron James Looked Disappointed And Didn't Go Back To Defend After Dennis Schroder Missed A Crucial Layup


Sunday game was a rough one for the Los Angeles Lakers after losing to the Phoenix Suns, 100-92, returning to Arizona with a 2-2 series in the 2021 NBA playoffs. 

Not only they lost the game, but they also saw Anthony Davis leave the court with an injury. It's unclear if AD will be ready for Game 5 this Tuesday, but they know they need to make a big effort to take a vital 3-2 lead as visitors. 

What started as a good chance to increase their lead to 3-1 turned out to be an awful game for the Lakers. They were never able to come back regardless of LeBron James' efforts to keep the team in the game. Fans realized that the game was over when the King gave up after Dennis Schroder missed a layup that would've cut the difference to 5 for his team. 

After that play, Bron looked disappointed and didn't even bother to go back to defense. Instantly, Jae Crowder sank a dagger from the corner, confirming that the Suns would take Game 4. 

Of course, NBA fans reacted to this. The Reddit community mocked James for his attitude following that play, using many names to troll the player and his reaction to Dennis' blunder. 

"schroder gave lebron depression"

"Lebron clearly paused to do quick math in his head so he could figure out how much money he’d save by giving up Schroder."


"IMO what separates James from Jordan is sh*t like that. Jordan woulda chased after and went for a steal."

"He knows he's getting no more cuddles on the court if AD is done (and also no ring)"


"This is what rondo meant. His body language affects all the young guys who look up to him."

"Yea - it's got to be demoralizing as hell for someone who has grown up watching Lebron being a NBA superstar give up like that in a playoff game

Conversely, it has got to be hype as hell for players on the opposing side, to see that you somehow managed to do that to an NBA legend"

"Like when he gets scored on and looks around at his teammates trying to blame them"

"This isn't even body language tho, he full on cost them any chance of a comeback. I usually don't even care about this stuff, but holy fck its a 7-point game, this might be one of the most pathetic on court actions I've seen that's not dangerous."

"He pushed Ayton aswell lmao"

""A push for a push" -LeHammurabi"

""Can't happen. It's a dirty play""

"That one hit him spiritually."

"That Push off Ayton tho"

"I'll be honest, that push would not have bothered me one bit if I didn't hear for two days about how Booker and Crowder practically murdered Schroeder with a push last game."

"It felt like Lebron had pretty much given up when AD didn’t come back out for the second half"

"7 points in 1:30 is so attainable. He needs to get roasted for this. Leaders don't quit like this."


The Lakers have work to do and things to figure out if Davis doesn't play in the next game. He is unlikely to play in Game 5 and Frank Vogel needs to find the best solution to this situation. 

They need to keep focused on the job and ignore the outside world. But still, Game 4 didn't present the best scenario for Los Angeles, and they need to show something different next game. 

**Video: u/CyborgKrieger**