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LeBron James On His Position This Season: "I’m Not A Point Guard, Not A Shooting Guard, A Small Forward, A Power Forward Or Center... I’m A Ball Player. Whatever It Is, I Just Want To Win, And That’s All It’s About For Me."

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LeBron James is ready to start a new season with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he will try to repeat the result they had last season in the bubble. James has been a terrific player for the team and he's ready to face the next challenge for him and the Lakers. A lot has been said about his role on the Lakers this season but Bron is confident he can get the job done no matter what position he fills.

Last year he was used as a point guard mostly during the entire season but things are about to change. James knows the responsibility will be different for him but he's ready to help his team regardless of the position they use him at. Something good about LeBron is that he can play the five positions without any problem and the Lakers love that.

“I’m not a point guard, not a shooting guard, a small forward, a power forward or center... I’m a ball player. Whatever it is, I just want to win, and that’s all it’s about for me.”

After a wonderful offseason, the Lakers are ready to defend their championship. LeBron will have a key role in that pursuit but everybody is confident they will have a deep playoff run again. The league already upon us and we can't wait to see what these Lakers are going to show.