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LeBron James Reacts To The Super Dunk By Greg Brown III: 'My Goodness!!! On The Break Though Sheesh!!'

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The Portland Trail Blazers had a rather quiet 2021 NBA draft. The Damian Lillard-led team had a single pick and used to draft Greg Brown III in the second round.

Brown got a chance to play in the team’s outing to Las Vegas for the Summer League. Like many other teams, the Blazers tried out new playing combinations in the preseason tournament.

During one such game against the Houston Rockets, Greg Brown attracted the attention of the whole world. No, Brown didn’t stuff the stat line. Instead, the Blazers big man scored a ridiculous between the leg dunk during the game.

Many NBA players and fans reacted to the insane dunk by the youngster. The biggest name of them all? LeBron James.

James tweeted about the incident on his Twitter account. The 36-year-old’s tweet said:

Greg Brown III my GOODNESS!!! On the break though. SHEESH!!”

The 4-time NBA champion has been quite active during the 2021 Summer League and has praised talented players from time to time.

As for Brown, it must be a moment he will remember for the rest of his NBA career. First, the amazing dunk and then getting the praise from one of the best players of this generation.

Considering the crazy hops that Brown showed so far, it is quite possible, the rookie might feature in the upcoming season’s dunk contest.

In fact, the 2021 NBA draft class is full of talented athletes. Many have already labeled it as one of the most athletic draft classes in NBA history!

Well, they sure have some hops, but which player will go down as the best player of the class? We have seen several talented players get drafted in the late first round or even the second round in the past. Do you think Greg Brown will follow that path or not?