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LeBron James Revealed His New Hairstyle And Look

LeBron James Revealed His New Hairstyle And Look

LeBron James is one of the most iconic athletes in the NBA's history, and there still hasn't been a player after him that has reached his level. Despite firmly being in their late 30s, James is still the face of the league; he is the biggest superstar. And as such, there is always a lot of news about what he is doing. There was recently a photoshoot the King did with his family that went quite viral, for example. 

And while there are very few foes he hasn't vanquished during his time as a hooper, there is one aspect of James' life that has confounded him from time to time. Everyone knows LeBron James' hairline has been receding for a lot of his career. The King has battled valiantly against baldness, and he has always managed to show off some hair, with people even making fun of him for it. But it seems that this is one thing LeBron is okay with changing now. 

LeBron James Revealed His New Look, He Has Gone Bald

Going into his 20th season in the league, chasing the record for most points scored in the regular season, LeBron James has finally decided to embrace his natural hair. He shared a picture of himself on Instagram getting a haircut, showing off the fact that he seems to have finally shaved his head and gone bald. 

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Bron seems to be quite amused with his decision, and he's hardly the only one. This has been joked about for a long time. Even his teammate Dwyane Wade used to rib him about it. A lot of the greatest NBA players were bald during their careers too. Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley are prime examples of that. There is a chance that James could be about to unlock another level after he decided to move to this new hairstyle. 

Of course, with the wealth available to him, James could very easily go back to having hair, transplants are very easily available in this day and age. But it seems that LeBron has embraced his receding hairline after all, and will, for a while at least, be bald. 

And even if his body has shown signs of age in these ways, it hasn't where it matters. James averaged 30 points per game last season, he is still the same unstoppable LeBron he has always been. And his new look, while it does look a little silly on social media, will look menacing by the time the games begin.