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Charles Barkley Roasts LeBron James' Hair: "Gotta Get The Biggest Headband In The World To Cover That Bald Spot"

Charles Barkley Roasts LeBron James' Hair: "Gotta Get The Biggest Headband In The World To Cover That Bald Spot"

The NBA season is finally back! The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors went toe to toe on opening night and the Dubs came out on top. Despite taking the defeat, LeBron James had a phenomenal game.

Playing with the number 6 jersey and wearing a headband, James certainly gave fans a trip down memory lane. During his time with the Miami Heat, James used to rock this attire, and that was arguably the most dominant version of LeBron. So, Lakers fans must be happy to see James in the look.

While LeBron did have a great game, something else caught the eye of many fans. LeBron's poor hair became a point of focus for many. Moreover, he tried to hide by wearing a huge headband. 

Former NBA player and now analyst Charles Barkley of course noticed it and made sure to pass on a hilarious comment on James' hair.

"The guy gotta get the biggest headband in the world to cover that bald spot."

James' receding hairline has been a topic of discussion for years. But even then James has refused to either go bald or simply get a better solution to hide it.

This is not the first time that Barkley talked about LBJ's hair. He joked about it when James was wearing a durag.

Apart from NBA analysts and sports pundits, fans have also reacted to James' viral hair pics in the past.

So maybe it is time for LeBron to finally embrace the bald look. While this has been the talk of the town, the King's focus must be on helping the Lakers win the title.

Despite the purple and gold being touted as one of the best teams in the NBA this season, so far they have struggled to live up to expectations. First, they had a winless preseason, and it seems their struggles have carried to the regular season as well.

There is no need to hit the panic button yet as apart from the new players, LeBron and Anthony Davis are still playing like their usual selves. The new additions might need a few more games to adjust to the style in which the Lakers operate.