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LeBron James Sends Cryptic Message On Instagram Ahead Of Game 2: "This Marathon That I'm Running Is Different Than Any Race Anyone In My Family Has Ever Seen..."

LeBron James Sends Cryptic Message On Instagram Ahead Of Game 2

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are reeling right now, having to play catch-up against a younger and hungrier Suns squad.

And while nobody is ready to count the Lakers out just yet, it will take a truly magnificent performance from LeBron James to get them over the hump.

Ahead of Game 2, he re-posted an interesting post on his Instagram story relating to the grind and the "marathon" of life.

"I apologize if I don't call or text my family and friends often. It's not personal. Life is moving fast and I have opportunities and personal goals that most will only see in their dreams at night. This marathon that I'm running is different than any race anyone in my family has ever seen. I hope you understand. Pray for me and my enemies too!"


While he didn't post those words, James seems to be in total agreeance.

No doubt, LeBron is facing some real challenges at this point in his career. At 36-years-old, his body is starting to break down on him, and his durability is becoming a bigger question mark with each passing game.

With the pressure of the world on his shoulders and the odds stacked against this team, this may be LeBron's most difficult playoff run yet.

Fortunately for the Lakers, he seems committed to seeing it through and finishing strong.