LeBron James Tries To Read Anthony Davis' Lips

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LeBron James and Anthony Davis have created a great duo on the court, leading the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA championship last season. Their chemistry is incredible, and you can notice that in their friendship. 

They have developed a great relationship, being excellent friends off the court, too. It's hard to find a funnier duo in the league than this one, and the Lakers' stars confirmed that last year in a 'Read My Lips' video. 

This is as hilarious as it comes, with LeBron finding curious explanations to what AD was saying. For example, the Brow used 'King James' and 'pigs in a blanket', but LBJ only read 'James' right. 

Even though LeBron couldn't get one right, this sequence is hilarious. AD tried hard to help James, yet the 4x NBA champion didn't understand his teammate's gesticulation. 

The Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from the NBA playoffs earlier this week, finishing a season where they looked like the favorites to win it all. However, the Phoenix Suns surprised them, and now Bron and AD will have time to rest their bodies and return stronger next season. 

Their chemistry is off the charts, and as long as they keep that, this Lakers team will have a chance to compete against anybody.