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LeBron James Wishes His Late Grandmother Happy Birthday: "Miss You Everyday... I Hope I'm Making You Proud Down Here"

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When you look at what LeBron James has achieved in his career, it is quite astonishing. The King came to the league nearly two decades ago and is yet to show any major signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Since entering the league, James' life turned around. Not only is he one of the most popular athletes on the planet, but he also gets paid big bucks as well. But life was not always breezy for James.

He came to the league with the burden of being regarded as the next big thing in the NBA. Moreover, it is a testament to James for being so successful as he grew up in rough neighborhoods.

On top of that, he was brought up by a single mother, Gloria James. He had no contact with his father and Gloria's mother, Freda James Howard, passed away as well.

James posted on Instagram wishing his grandmother a happy birthday. He wrote:

"Happy Birthday My Love!! Miss you everyday and wish you were still around to see what your grandson has done with his life. I hope I’m making you proud down here. Continue to rest in paradise my 👼🏾"

Since James had a rough childhood, he has always been quite forward with making sure to help many kids rise above the poverty in his hometown, Akron. 

LeBron's I Promise school is just one of many contributions that he has made to help others in need.

Hopefully, James will keep up the good effort and make a difference in those kids' lives.

As for the L-Train's professional career, he and the Los Angeles Lakers will try to win the 2021-22 NBA championship. With players like Russell Westbrook joining the roster, the Lakers are now one of the favorites to win the title.

The team might be old, but they bring a lot of experience to the table. If James wins this title, it will be yet another jewel in his crown. Of course, it will make his grandmother proud to see where his grandson has reached now.

What are your thoughts on this heartfelt birthday wish by LeBron James?