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Lethal Shooter Wants To Participate In The NBA 3-Point Contest, And He Sent A Letter To Adam Silver Asking Him To Be A Wildcard Entrant

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Lethal Shooter

Lethal Shooter aka Chris Matthews is a shooting coach well-known for doing various shooting challenges in basketball. We have often seen him create custom baskets, and hit trick shots to wow fans all over social media.

Recently, it seems as though Lethal Shooter is taking on another challenge, and attempting to get into the 3PT contest. He filmed a video of himself shooting using 5 different racks just like the 3PT contest and made 23/25 shots. Lethal Shooter also wrote a letter to commissioner Adam Silver accompanying the video and asked to be a wildcard entrant into the 3PT contest.

It remains to be seen if Lethal Shooter does get into the 3PT contest. While obviously regular people are usually worse at shooting than NBA-level players, Lethal Shooter has put a lot of time into the art of shooting. It would be interesting to see if he is able to keep up with elite shooters from the league in a 3PT contest. While it seems unlikely that the league will add him as an entrant, the idea of watching him face off against shooters like CJ McCollum, Fred VanVleet, and Karl-Anthony Towns sounds very entertaining from a fan's perspective.

There is no doubt though, that Lethal Shooter is very good at what he does. He has shown that he is capable of making very difficult shots. Once, he even created the world's smallest rim and hit some shots on it. That shows precision and accuracy when shooting the basketball, and it's not that much of a stretch to suggest that he could potentially do fine in a 3PT contest. While it seems unlikely that he'll get an opportunity to join the 3PT contest, stranger things have happened in the league.