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Lil Wayne Blasted Mark Cuban For Trolling Him Then Deleted The Tweet: "Don't Make Me Get You Smacked Boy"

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The Dallas Mavericks managed to upset the Phoenix Suns in the second round this year, and there's no question that this was an amazing achievement for them, as they were widely expected to lose in Game 7.

During the series, rapper Lil Wayne went viral for calling out Mavericks star Luka Doncic for his foul-baiting. There's no doubt that Luka Doncic can frustrate people due to his ability to get easy trips to the line. Patrick Beverley once even claimed that Luka Doncic is a player that is "physical" but also a flopper.

His intelligence. He's physical as f*** and flops at the same time, which is the same thing I do.... Swipe at me, "oh he's trying to kill me ref, get him, he's trying to kill me."

He's the exact same, like he initiates the contact and hits you... It's not muscle with him, and that's no discredit to his body or anything. That's just how he's made, it's kind of that flabby solid type... you can't really guard him physically the way I want to guard him.

After the Mavericks beat the Suns, Mavericks governor Mark Cuban roasted Lil Wayne, using lyrics from Wayne's song "Uproar". We can see from the Tweet and the photo in the Tweet why that particular line was relevant.

Lil Wayne has recently responded to Mark Cuban roasting him, before swiftly deleting it. He seemed angry at Mark Cuban's comments and even threatened to "p**s" in Cuban's mouth.

There is no doubt that this response was excessive from Lil Wayne, as Mark Cuban's trolling was light-hearted and inoffensive. It is clear that Lil Wayne knew that his Tweet was wrong, as it was deleted.

Hopefully, this sort of thing doesn't repeat itself in the future. Some trolling and trash-talk is definitely acceptable in sports, but no one likes to see that devolve into legitimate threats and personal insults.