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Luka Doncic Has Funny Reaction To Referees During Pelicans Game: “Oh My God The Refs Are Bad.”

Luka Doncic Has Candid Reaction To Referees During Pelicans Game: “Oh My God The Refs Are Bad.”

Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks have been having a fairly inconsistent season so far. The Mavericks haven’t been a standout this season, as they’re not able to consistently perform at a high level. While Luka Doncic is still playing at an elite level, the rest of the Mavericks roster haven’t been able to match his performances.

But even Doncic can become frustrated during the game. And that is exactly what happened against the New Orleans Pelicans. During the game, after some frustrating calls from the officials, Doncic could be heard saying that referees are bad. Clearly, Luka was not happy with the officiating from the referees.

“Oh my god, the refs are bad.”

Doncic has been one of the players who has struggled with the NBA’s recent rule change when it comes to drawing fouls. Players are no longer awarded fouls for bumping into defenders during the shot motion. Doncic had become one of the players who could draw contact with relative ease under the previous rules.

But it hasn’t slowed down Doncic, as he is one of the leaders in the NBA when it comes to points per game without free throws. But, there is concern about Doncic’s impact on the Mavericks. While he is the primary offensive option for the Mavericks, he might be a significant liability for them on the defensive end.

In fact, the Mavericks have been outscored by 110 points this season during the time that Doncic is on the court. While this could be chalked up to the coach not surrounding Doncic with better defenders, especially given Doncic’s defensive weakness, Doncic should also be making a more active effort to improve.

Going forward, the Mavericks will be hoping to build some momentum and get on some sort of winning streak. Regardless, Doncic will be crucial to that winning streak, on both the offensive and defensive end of the court.