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Luka Doncic Has Not Been Able To Score When Guarded By Patrick Beverley On 28 Possessions This Season

Luka Doncic and Patrick Beverley

Luka Doncic is one of the best superstars in the NBA. He is well-known for being a fantastic offensive engine, capable of scoring from anywhere on the court as well as playmaking for his teammates. Currently, Luka Doncic is averaging 28.3 PPG, 9.1 RPG, and 8.6 APG.

While generally elite offensive players can get their shot off against anyone, there are definitely some defenders that can affect their performances. For Luka Doncic, that defender seems to be Patrick Beverley.

Clippers beat writer Joey Linn has recently revealed that Luka Doncic "did not make a single shot" when defended by Patrick Beverley this season, with Beverley guarding Doncic for a total of 28 possessions this past season thus far.

Patrick Beverley defended Luka Doncic on 28 possessions this season. Luka did not make a single shot, was blocked once, and turned the ball over twice. 

There is no doubt that Patrick Beverley is one of the best defensive guards in the game, and scoring on him is far from easy. This stat just shows how valuable he is on the court. Patrick Beverley also responded to Joey Linn's Tweet, claiming that he "was waiting on the real numbers", and added that he should be on the 1st All-Defensive team this year.

Even though Patrick Beverley has been able to get the best of Luka Doncic, his past statements on the Slovenian superstar suggest that he respects his scoring ability. Previously, Patrick Beverley has claimed that Luka Doncic is the hardest player to guard in the league.

So far, it's been Luka. Easy... But I'm prepared for his a** too. I'm on his a** this year too.

Patrick Beverley's box score stats don't do him justice. He has been a great veteran leader for the Minnesota Timberwolves, who have a 44-34 record, and are trying to get out of the play-in tournament and get to the playoffs.

As for Luka Doncic, one would hope that he will be able to score more on Patrick Beverley in the future. There is a chance that the Dallas Mavericks will end up facing the Minnesota Timberwolves in the first round of the playoffs, and Luka Doncic will need to be at his best to lead his team to victory.