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Patrick Beverley Says Luka Doncic Is The Toughest Player To Guard In The NBA

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Patrick Beverley attempting to guard Luka Doncic

Patrick Beverley is an elite defensive point guard. He simply finds ways to annoy opposing ballhandlers on the perimeter, and there's no question that he is effective at disrupting them and being a pest. Many players have spoken about Patrick Beverley's prowess on that end of the floor. He is one of the best at what he does.

Every defender has a matchup that they deem the toughest, and for Patrick Beverley, that's Luka Doncic. During an Instagram live, Patrick Beverley revealed without hesitation that Luka Doncic was the most difficult to guard, and it seems as though it was an easy decision for the Minnesota Timberwolves guard.

So far, it's been Luka. Easy... But I'm prepared for his a** too. I'm on his a** this year too.

Luka Doncic is already a superstar in the NBA, and there's a variety of ways in which he can break down a defense. He is a player that can consistently create his own shot against even the best defenders, and his playmaking makes it difficult to send double teams towards him. There's no doubt that Patrick Beverley is right in saying he's a tough cover in the NBA already. 

When the Minnesota Timberwolves face off against the Dallas Mavericks, perhaps we'll see how the matchup between Patrick Beverley and Luka Doncic plays out. Beverley has no shortage in confidence though, and once claimed that he could stop anyone in the league 1 on 1.

There's no question that when Luka Doncic is on, it's hard to beat his team. He brought the Los Angeles Clippers to 7 games this season without consistent offensive help, and he'll be a problem for years to come. Hopefully, Patrick Beverley has figured out the formula to guarding Luka Doncic, as there are times where he genuinely looks unstoppable.