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Patrick Beverley Says He Can Stop Anyone In The League 1 On 1

(via Clips Nation)

(via Clips Nation)

When it comes to defense, not many in the league are better than Patrick Beverley. The 2x All-NBA Defensive player has mastered the art of getting into his opponents' heads and it's that skill which has made him one of the most widely known point guards in the league.

In fact, he's so confident in his abilities that he'd get a stop against anyone in the league 1-on-1. Here's what he said on Instagram Live.

“You put me on an island with anybody in the league, no pick and roll, none of that, 1-on-1, I’m getting a stop. Period.”

There is no doubt that Beverley is one of the best defenders in the NBA. Though he's only 6-1, the Clippers guard is strong, durable, and willing to do whatever it takes to under his opponents' skin. His energy and effort often result in impressive plays.

But to say he'd be able to stop "anyone" on anyone the NBA in a game of one-on-one is no small statement. Against guys like LeBron, Durant, and Anthony Davis, there's certainly reason to believe that he'd be able to get at least one stop.

But shutting them down completely? That's a stretch, even for him. When it comes to the elite players in basketball, it would probably take more than Patrick Beverley to stop them from dominating.