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Luka Doncic Unfazed By Devin Booker Imitating Him While Flopping: "I Don't Really Care"

Luka Doncic Unfazed By Devin Booker Imitating Him While Flopping: "I Don't Really Care"

Luka Doncic vs. Devin Booker is one of the most entertaining young rivalries in the league. We have seen it through 6 games and it has been an incredibly fun watch. However, the gamesmanship between the two star guards has led to some unflattering moments.

Both the teams in the series are playing the referees just as much as they are playing each other. A lot of flops and poor officiating calls have been the main theme of this series, creating a bit of controversy between the players on both teams. Jason Kidd acknowledged his team's flops and openly said that they are learning how to play like this from Chris Paul on the other side.

After flopping for a flagrant foul in the Suns' Game 5 win over the Mavericks, Booker sold the contact for way too long and then smiled and said 'the Luka Special'. That became a talking point that Doncic had to discuss prior to Game 6, where the Mavericks locked Booker down en route to a dominant win

Luka is known to flop, but Booker has been extremely guilty of that this post-season. There are compilations on Twitter showing how often Booker over-sells contact in the game. 

Doncic not caring about trash talk is not surprising, but he is happy to dish it out when it happens. There were plenty of looks and words exchanged between Doncic and Booker in Game 6, as the Mavericks comfortably ran away with a victory after a defensive masterclass. 

Game 7 will be one of the best games of the post-season so far if both these players bring intensity and their A-game. The Mavericks are on the verge of a massive upset, but the Suns will not let this season go by without even reaching the Conference Finals after their NBA Finals run last season.