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Luka Doncic Wants Goran Dragic On The Mavericks: "He's My Guy. Everybody Would Want Their Guys On Their Team, So We'll See."

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Luka Doncic Wants Goran Dragic On The Mavericks: "He's My Guy. Everybody Would Want Their Guys On Their Team, So We'll See."

Goran Dragic is a player that has recently gotten a contract buyout from the San Antonio Spurs. He is a capable guard that provides ballhandling and shooting and would be a good rotational player on any team.

Luka Doncic knows Goran Dragic very well as they play together on the Slovenian national basketball team. The Dallas Mavericks were previously viewed as the favorites to sign Goran Dragic after his buyout, and Luka Doncic has recently told Callie Caplan of The Dallas Morning News that Dragic is his "guy", and that "everybody would want their guys on their team", suggesting that he'd love to play with Dragic.

Before the season, he talked with the Mavericks’ front office leaders about the possibility of adding veteran point guard Goran Dragic to the team as a backup ball handler.

Doncic was all for it.

He’s known Dragic since he was 5 years old, when Dragic and Sasa played on the same KD Slovan team and 5-year-old Luka would tag along to shoot hoops during halftime.

“My father was his mentor,” Doncic said.

The Mavericks could arrange a reunion now that Dragic has reportedly agreed to a contract buyout with the Spurs to become a mid-season free agent. But general manager Nico Harrison said after the trade deadline he didn’t plan to make another roster move.

Doncic hasn’t pushed any more for his fellow Slovenian to join him — yet.

“He’s my guy,” Doncic said. “Everybody would want their guys on their team, so we’ll see.

Though the Dallas Mavericks may want to sign Goran Dragic, they will certainly have competition, as Goran Dragic is a coveted free agent. Adrian Wojnarowski previously revealed that a few other teams, including the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers, are trying to acquire the point guard.

The Lakers and Warriors are planning to join several rivals, including the LA Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets, in aggressive pursuit of Dragic, sources said.

Dragic is emerging as the top player on the buyout market with contending teams confident that he has stayed in excellent condition working out in South Florida and can contribute in short order on a new team.

It remains to be seen which team ends up signing Goran Dragic. He could help a lot of contending teams with his abilities and experience. While the Dallas Mavericks aren't necessarily a top-tier contender, they are a playoff team that can offer him a bigger role than some of their competitors.

It would certainly be entertaining to see Luka Doncic team up with one of his countrymen on the Dallas Mavericks. Perhaps we'll see Goran Dragic choose to head to Dallas, and he'd certainly be a great player who could help their bench.