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Luka Doncic Was Furious After Rudy Gobert Appeared To Intentionally Trip Him

Luka Doncic Was Furious After Rudy Gobert Appeared To Intentionally Trip Him

It's hard to put into words just how good Luka Doncic has been over the last few games. Doncic has taken a massive step-up over his latest run, especially since Kristaps Porzingis was traded by the Mavericks and sent to the Wizards. Doncic has embraced his role as the primary star for the Mavs.

And last night, he felt as though an unnecessary foul could have put his form in jeopardy. During the Dallas Mavericks' game against the Utah Jazz, Luka Doncic appeared to be intentionally tripped by Jazz center and reigning Defensive Player Of The Year, Rudy Gobert. And as expected, Doncic was not happy about it, calling on the referees to do something about it.

Doncic didn't seem deterred by the incident, as he ended the game with 35 points. Luka has been an absolute machine over the last few games, and his numbers have been truly sensational. It appears that he has taken another step in his offensive game, while also putting a bigger shift on the defensive end than he is used to.

Doncic and the Mavericks will be hoping to make some progress in the playoffs this season. The Mavs have been knocked out in the first round of the NBA playoffs for two seasons in a row, and this year, they will be hoping to break that streak and win a playoff series for the first time with Luka as their central star.

Doncic is proving that he is one of the best young players in the NBA by some distance. In fact, Kendrick Perkins picked Luka Doncic among 4 NBA youngsters that could go on to become the face of the league when the current crop of established superstars eventually make their way out of the league. If his growth continues the way it has, there is little anyone could do to stop Luka.