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Magic Johnson Supports Stephen Curry For MVP: "He's The #1, #2, And #3 Option For The Warriors..."

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Credit: NBA

Credit: NBA

The Golden State Warriors haven't had the best luck this season after Klay Thompson's injury. They've been fighting to stay in the play-in tournament, mostly due to Stephen Curry's own brilliance. Stephen Curry has been lighting the league on fire and putting up amazing individual numbers in an attempt to bring his team higher in the standings. Stephen Curry has had an amazing season, and defenses often sell out to stop him rather than focusing on his teammates. He has certainly had an amazing impact on his team, and without him, the Warriors look like they are lost.

Despite the fact that his team is a bottom seed, Stephen Curry's amazing season hasn't gone unnoticed. After his amazing stretch recently, many people have started wondering whether Stephen Curry should be the MVP. After all, the award is supposed to go to the best individual player. Hall of Famer Magic Johnson is certainly a fan of Stephen Curry being the MVP. He has stated that "it's hard to deny" Curry the award and pointed out his offensive impact.

While Stephen Curry does have some talented players on the roster, there are times where the Golden State Warriors struggle to get anything going on the offensive end without him. Neither Kelly Oubre Jr. nor Andrew Wiggins can necessarily carry a team's scoring as Stephen Curry can. He has clearly been the MVP for his team, and their play without him suggests that he should be considered for the award solely off ability. Stephen Curry may not win the actual award, but he is definitely deserving of further consideration due to how much he helps his team offensively.