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Mark Jackson Warned The NBA In 2013 About Stephen Curry And Klay Thompson: "I Got The Greatest Shooting Backcourt That's Ever Played This Game. Call My Bluff."

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have made history together. The backcourt duo has been extraordinary over the last decade and were the most important parts of the Golden State Warriors dynasty. And while Steve Kerr has reaped the benefits of their partnership, it was Mark Jackson who knew what was coming.

In 2013, Mark Jackson, who was the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, told the NBA that he has the greatest shooting backcourt in NBA history. Jackson was confident in the abilities of his two stars and told the NBA world before anyone else how special they are, and will continue to be.

"I got the greatest shooting backcourt that's ever played the game. Call my bluff.

Jackson was pivotal in laying the foundation for the Golden State Warriors dynasty. But he was eventually replaced by Steve Kerr, who took the team to the next level. With Curry and Klay, along with Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala, the Warriors went on to win the 2014-15 NBA championship, the first season after Jackson's firing.

After that, the Warriors added Kevin Durant, thus becoming arguably the most invincible team in NBA history at full strength. The Warriors with KD were a juggernaut. After KD's departure, the team struggled, as Klay and Steph had respective injuries that kept them out of the 2019-20 NBA season.

After a tough 2020-21 season, the Warriors seem to have made a dominant comeback, and that too without Klay Thompson. Stephen Curry recently broke Ray Allen's three-point record, in a moment that was truly epic. He and Draymond Green reminisced about Klay Thompson, and how much they wished he was there.

But they will soon get their wish, as Klay Thompson is expected to make his return next week, after 2.5 years away from the court due to multiple long-term injuries. The Warriors are one of the biggest contenders for the NBA championship as things stand, and if Klay is back the way we've known him to be, they will be the outright favorites.