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Miami Heat Get Blasted By Fans After Losing 4th Straight Game: "Frauds!"

Jimmy Butler

Before the final buzzer sounded in Miami on Saturday, the Heat found themselves trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

The blowout against Brooklyn (110-95) became their fourth straight loss and set them back into a two-way tie for first with the 76ers.

It got ugly for them online, as many Twitter users found themselves questioning the legitimacy of Miami's "contender" status in the East.

It has been a rough week for the Heat. Besides their current losing streak (which has involved some ugly meltdowns), there was an altercation between Erik Spoelstra, Jimmy Butler, and Udonis Haslem that made headlines.

Coach Spoelstra did his best to play down and dismiss the scene.

“Everybody was wondering where the dinner plans were tonight after the game,” said Spo. “It was pretty clear. We have a very competitive, gnarly group and we were getting our asses kicked. Two straight games, we’re not playing to the level we want to play and I would say virtually every single person in that huddle was pretty animated about our disappointment in how we were playing.”

After making (and losing) the Finals in 2020, the Miami Heat have made it their mission to return and bring home another Championship. Over the summer, they made a huge move for veteran guard Kyle Lowry, and his presence has helped in many ways.

Unfortunately, not everyone is sold on the Heat. Besides some concerning performances, the competition in the East this year is steep. The Bucks, Nets, 76ers, Bulls, and Celtics are capable of making a deep run. Getting through all of that will prove to be a difficult task and their current losing streak isn't earning them any additional faith from the fans.

The ultimate test will come in a few weeks, when the playoffs finally kick-off and we get to see this team in action, with a Championship on the line.