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Michael Jordan: “I Wasn’t A Phil Jackson Fan When He First Came In Because He Was Coming In To Take The Ball Out Of My Hands.”

(via Chicago Sun-Times)

(via Chicago Sun-Times)

Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson are one of the best player-coach duos in NBA history, as they two changed the history of the Bulls during the 90s. They won six titles together, becoming the best player and the best coach ever in NBA history, respectively.

However, that could have been very different since Michael was much of a fan of Jackson when the coach first landed in Chicago. MJ revealed that he didn't like Jackson's decision to take the ball out of his hands, trying to involve more players in the offense.

“I wasn’t a Phil Jackson fan when he first came in…because he was coming in to take the ball out of my hands,” Jordan said.

Jordan also talked about his initial reaction when he learned about the triangle offense. He could accept not having the ball in his hands as often as before, but it was the fact that certain players could get the last shot of a game that bothered him.

"Everybody has an opportunity to touch the ball, but I didn't want Bill Cartwright to have the ball with five seconds left. That's not equal opportunity offense, that's f---ing bulls---."

Good thing for the Bulls, Jordan, and Jackson is that they eventually got along and everything ended with Jordan retiring after his sixth title, stating he wouldn't play for any coach other than Phil Jackson.