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Michael Jordan Reveals What He Said After 'The Shot' Over Ehlo

Michael Jordan Reveals What He Said After 'The Shot' Over Ehlo

When talking about the greatest shots in NBA history, Jordan's dinger over the 1989 Cavaliers has got to be near the top.

On May 7th, 1989, MJ buried a foul-line jumper to eliminate the Cavs in the first round of the playoffs. He hit it, jumped up in celebration, and secured his team a ticket to the second round. The moment has been dubbed "the shot" and it has become one of the most iconic moments in NBA history.

Better still is the playcall made by Bulls coach Doug Collins, who made it very, very clear who he wanted with the ball in the closing seconds.

We know that Jordan was successful knocking down the shot, but was there really nobody else they could throw at Jordan in the final possession? Ron Harper, who was on the team at that time, and even he seemed to know what was coming.

And for those wondering what MJ was saying as he celebrated the big win, Jordan gave us the scoop on that in last night's showing of "The Last Dance."

Basically, in Jordan's eyes, if you weren't with him than you were against him. In that moment, that sweet moment of victory, he must've felt invincible -- and just had to let his adversaries know.

No doubt, it was one of the defining moments of his career and one nobody will ever forget.