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Michael Jordan Thought He'd Be A "Decoy" During Flu Game

(via Sole Collector)

(via Sole Collector)

Aside from the fact that Michael Jordan's "flu game" was actually a nasty case of food poisoning, Michael Jordan recently revealed that he didn't have very big expectations for his own performance during the game.

Here's what he said about the infamous moment:

Under normal circumstances, the fact that he was even willing to take the floor was a miracle. There's no way he should've been able to do much of anything.

But, as we know, he was much more than a decoy. He would go off for 38 points in the two-point victory, and it became one of the defining moments of MJ's career.

The way he overcame tough obstacles and got through even the most daunting of challenges just goes to show how far hard work, dedication, and passion for your craft will get you. While Jordan's skillset was unlike anything we've ever seen, a large part of his success is simply as a result of the fact that he was willing to outwork anyone on the basketball court.

For that, he will always earn monumental respect from the NBA community.