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Michael Jordan Turns His Music Down On Yacht To Say 'What's Up' To Fans

michael jordan

Michael Jordan has always had the utmost respect for fans. Ever since his active days, His Airness made it clear he gave his everything every game; fans saved money to see him, and he couldn't afford to provide them a poor show. 

That's why he played nine full seasons during his career, showing how much he respected fans. At the end of the day, they made MJ what he was, and the Chicago Bulls legend was always grateful for that. 

Now that he's retired and having different functions with a different team, MJ hasn't changed his attitude towards fans. No. 23 recently found a couple of fans recording him on his boat ‘Catch 23.'

He was blasting some music and turned it down to greet the fans watching him. 

"What's up, guys?" MJ yelled. 

This was a simple but nice gesture from Jordan. He never misses a chance to greet his fans, and this was another example of that. Recently, he was spotted driving his yellow Ferrari Pista, waving at some fans that spotted him on the street. 

Mike has had different hobbies during his life, and fishing has become one of the biggest in recent times. Last year, his boat joined a fishing tournament and won it, with MJ's team catching seven sailfish. 

Wherever he goes, whatever he does, Jordan will always get attention. The good thing is that he's never indifferent to all the love. He knows fans are crucial for his career and never leaves them hanging.